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Nien Hsiu Li
2015, Taïwan, 91′
Première européenne
Li, a former soldier born in Hebei China, had joined the army since youth to survive. The war brought him to Taiwan, never had a chance to return to his hometown for six decades, but has revisited it countless times in his dreams, with blood flowing scenes somehow. When Li was ten, his father was killed by the KMT soldiers.When the Chinese Civil War erupted, he joined the KMT army. However, as the KMT was eventually defeated, Li not only surrendered himself to the Chinese Communist Party but joined in.For Li, joining the army was never about any political beliefs but feeding himself. Since the Korean War broke out ,China sent the troops to support the North Korea, and Li was captured by the Americans in the border area. Assisted by the UN, Li came to Taiwan over which the KMT government reigned. At the age of sixty, he decided to separate from his family and lived alone for 20 years, having no idea how his eventful life would come to an end.
Langue(s):  Chinois
Édition VdR:  2016


Chen Ting Chou
Pei Yi Chu

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