A Perfect Crash (Taïwan)

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A Perfect Crash

A Perfect Crash
Yue Fu
2015, Taïwan, 33′
Première internationale
A few young political leaders were born out of a large-scale social movement. Chen Wei-ting, a political star, who rose to fame overnight but fell from a godlike status into disgrace in just under a year. March 2014. The Taiwanese parliament had been occupied by a group of protestors for 24 days, and it becomes known as the Sunflower Movement. After that, Chen Wei-ting, one of the leaders of the movement, decided to run for the legislative by-election in his hometown. Many had high hope for young men who are willing to enter the mainstream political system to carry out the reform. However, just seventeen days after his election campaign began, it came to an abrupt halt due to the sexual harassment scandal. Chen was treated like a “god”, but now he has become a “criminal” despised by many. Nonetheless, what exactly is on the mind of this young man of whom people had such high expectation? What is he thinking? After having lost his godlike status, how many people still care about him?
Langue(s):  Chinois, Taiwanese
Édition VdR:  2016


Yue Fu

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