17 Beginnings Of Talia (Israël, Royaume-Uni)

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17 Beginnings Of Talia

17 Hatchalot al Talia
Yoni Bentovim
2015, Israël, Royaume-Uni, 73′
Première internationale
Through seventeen decisively varying styles of observation, director Yoni Bentovim delves into the essence and meaning of discourse between mother and son – a dialogue that transcends words and time. Ultimately this not a film about 17 beginnings but a film about one ending - definite, clear and known in advance. Talia Shapira - national figure and celebrated actress, torn between her conflicting roles in life and art, is faced with the toughest role of all, how to say good-bye to her son.
Langue(s):  Hébreu, Anglais
Édition VdR:  2016


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