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Ye Wan De Wen Du
Temperature at Nights

Yin-Yu Huang | 55' | 2013 | Taïwan

Some say the “unforgettable love with straight men” could only happen during high school or in the army hitch. Be careful not to sink too deep, and leave peacefully. A year in the army, the narrator measured his days with strokes of lines in his diary. Then to the intimate ‘good friend’ and himself, without a word exchanged, concluding to the only ending: They will never see each other again. As in the dark bottom of the pit, all these inevitable loss and despair have forced him to inquest and revisit every little aspect in his life: the way of desire, extreme loneliness, cowardice, and emptiness. In his aimless inquisition, he has been pushed to the edge between the void and life that he has reached, and expected. Hence, this film is a written soliloquy torn from a diary, a film of one’s sincere words haltingly jotted on a blank page. And all the pieces of sorrows summoning the memory of childhood and family make him realize that life is only to become what it is to be.


Yin-Yu Huang


Yin-Yu Huang