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Tarzan, Don Quichotte et nous
Tarzan, Don Quixote and Us

Hassen Ferhani | 18' | 2013 | Algérie, France
Tarzan, Don Quichotte et nous (Algeria,France)

Cervantes is a very particular district of Algiers where Ferhani choses to confront his subjective perspective on reality and this very rich and legendary history. From the Jardin d’Essai, a public park where the first Tarzan film was shot in 1923, to the Cervantes cave where the Spanish author of Don Quixote prepared his escape from Algeria, Ferhani meets the people of the neighbourhood and explores their daily life and their dreams. Tarzan, Don Quixote and us deals with various topics related to myths, love and contemporary Algeria.


Hassen Ferhani


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