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Gang Zhao | 68' | 2013 | Chine

A folk Sichuan Opera Troupe of eleven performers arrived at Shibantan Town in Chengdu city of Sichuan province, in the spring of 2012. Zhao Li has led the troupe for six years. The troupe puts on three hours of traditional performances in a rented shed, performing different plays every day. Dandan, beautiful, talented, and sixteen years old, is the most prominent actress in the troupe. She has a childhood background in acting as her family traveled around as performers in the traditional opera. Dandan has been dreaming of becoming a star,but she has to face mostly elderly audience each day. She wanted to participate in more modern things, such as Internet, pop music, and melodramas. However, because of these different views from her mum, Dandan has been increasing numbers of conflicts with her family. Perhaps someday, she would like to run away from home… This film tells the moving story of a local traditional Sichuan opera troupe in China trying to find their own unique method of survival while trapped between the twin pressures of commercialization and urbanization. The reality of troupe's lives reflect a rural China that is being torn apart at the seams, but where local folk culture and traditional values are continue to live and breathe.


Gang Zhao


Zhao Gang Film Studio
Gang Zhao