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Altri occhi
Different Eyes

Silvio Soldini | 94' | 2013 | Italie, Suisse

Sight – without which painting, photography, and cinema could not exist, or even theatre as it was designed to be – is the sense that forms the basis of media communications, and through which, in our contemporary world, we are bombarded every day by messages of every kind. How is it possible to live without sight in a society that is tailor-made for the sighted, where everything is designed first and foremost to be seen, and only then interpreted (traffic lights, shop windows, clocks, signs...), and where getting around, travelling, working, and interacting with others, even having access to culture, all become obstacles to be overcome? What does the experience of living in the dark conceal? Does it perhaps lead to another way of interpreting the world? To another level of understanding, of perception and therefore meaning of life? Can using the other four senses to compensate for the lack of the first perhaps lead to "seeing" things that the rest of us cannot?


Silvio Soldini


Ventura Film sa
Andres Pfaeffli
Lionello Cerri