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Itgaber - Le triomphe sur soi
Itgaber - He Will Overcome

Eyal Sivan | 170' | 1993 | France, Israël
Itgaber - Le triomphe sur soi (France,Israel)

A filmed essay about an uncompromising man. Using vocabulary that can be understood by everyone, Yeshayahou Leibowitz, philosopher and scientist, shares with us his analysis of what makes Man: will, freedom, man’s choices, what is imposed upon him and how, by “triumphing over his own self”, he can escape the heaviness of this world. Spiritual leader of the Israeli soldiers who refuse to carry out their military national service in the Occupied Territories, Prof Leibowitz, who has always been very attached to the idea of divine law, explains, in a very provocative way, his position with regards to the law and authority in general, and with regards to the Israeli State and government in particular. His uncompromising words force each individual to face up to their responsibilities, both as a human being and as a citizen.


Eyal Sivan


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