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Ma Na Sapna - A Mother's Dream

Valerie Gudenus | 86' | 2013 | Suisse

Ma Na Sapna tells the story of women who give life - just to let it go moments after. That is the job of a surrogate mother and by carrying a child for someone else, she gets what she wants: the dream of a better life. The film follows six women and their surrogate broker through different stages of surrogacy in a clinic in the Northwest of India. It explores the women’s hopes, the joys and conflicts they experience while living together and the inevitable moment of having to give up the newborn child. Ma Na Sapna is a subtle portrait of six mothers on their surrogate journey, giving them a voice that otherwise remains unheard.


Valerie Gudenus


Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Dario Schoch