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Au-delà de l'Ararat
Beyond the Ararat

Tülin Ozdemir | 57' | 2013 | Belgique
Au-delà de l'Ararat ()

A road-movie by train and car, from Brussels across Europe and Anatolia, beyond the “limit” of the director’s “own” Turkey: her grandmother’s village in the middle of Anatolia. “What Turkish woman am I?” The director’s mother is the first woman she turns to. The tragic story that sealed the memory of Turks and Armenians was not passed down to her. How to solve this part of her memory? In her grandmother’s the village, she encounters «Agit», an ancient Anatolian tradition where women sing for their dead. Through these songs, on the way to her roots, she meets Turkish and Armenian women. They share their stories and memories. Like her, they all come from Anatolia. The film creates a space where it is possible to share these women’s mourning. The encounters will take us further eastward, “Beyond the Ararat”.


Tülin Ozdemir


Stenola Productions
Anton Iffland Stettner
Associate Directors
Mark Daems