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Poule des Doods
Poem of Death

Astrid Bussink | 50' | 2012 | Pays-Bas

In Amsterdam only, a yearly average of fifteen people die whose funeral will be unattended. Be it nameless people, or people with a name, but with one thing in common: there will be no friends or family at their burial or cremation. Led by poet F. Starik a group of Dutch poets, Menno Wigman en Maria Barnas among them, have united in the ‘Pool of Death’. They accompany the lonely deceased to the grave by means of a poem specially written for the occasion. In the documentary Poem of Death we follow the course of such a ‘lonely funeral’. There is often so little information available that it is not clear how the deceased ended up in his isolated situation. Perhaps by choice or by circumstance; nobody will ever know. The poet is therefore compelled to interpret; to invent.


Astrid Bussink


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