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The Tour

Eva la Cour | 37' | 2012 | Denmark
The Tour (Denmark)

The Tour explores the relationship between actual and virtual realities within and across Longyearbyen on Svalbard, by touring the place with Maxi Taxi and its employees - one out of two taxi companies in the Norwegian settlement. A verbal montage based on three taxi drivers from Norway, Denmark and Russia, illuminate the role of the individual as an at once conserving and creative agent, and thus a more general concern of the film being: how experience and mediation of place happen, simultaneously, as actively generative forms of emplacement. The structure of the film, a guided tour, reflects Longyearbyen as a particularly accessible and well-infrastructured location in the Arctic, characterized by mobility and temporality, but also filmic strategies as forms of guiding. This is evocated through a reflexive usage of the distinctive expressive structures embedded in the relationship between image and sound.

Film Directing

Eva la Cour


Eva la Cour