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American Vagabond

Susanna Helke | 85' | 2013 | Finland, Denmark

American Vagabond is a documentary film about runaway queer youth living in the shadows of the promised city. James ran away from his parents’ home because they didn’t accept that he is gay. He tries to find refuge in San Francisco with his boyfriend, Tyler. They thought they would find a community in the world’s gay Mecca. Instead, they end up sleeping in a park and panhandling in the city’s gay neighborhood. They find themselves stranded in a world of homeless people and the community of other kicked-out queer youth. Eventually, James has to face his past and the place he has left behind. American Vagabond is a coming of age story of a gay boy growing up in small town America. It’s a story about a family coming to grips with what it fears the most.

Film Directing

Susanna Helke


For Real Productions
Cilla Werning
Radiator Film
Henrik Underbjerg
Radiator Film
Stefan Frost